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Walking in dependence
Living a consecrated life
Traveling with grace
Giving birth to love

My dear ones, greetings and blessings!

There is ever so much I could write here, ever so much that I could say.  These last months have been full of adventures, transformations, revelations, deepening commitment to what I might call the adventure of being alive, the dedication and full surrender to a consecrated life-vow focused on God-realization/self-realization/awakening/becoming fully human.  I’ve driven more in the last 8 weeks than I have in the last many years combined, been hosted by friends, family, and strangers as though I were God or an Angel walking on the Earth,  explored new practices and communities,  traveled some with Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) on her North American Tour.  I’ve been back and forth across the Mississippi and the Mason-Dixon line, helped my longest childhood friend get married, learned to sleep on any flat surface, taught a cooking workshop, had my breath taken away by the magic of harvest and the magnificence of mountains, encountered new friends and old friends in new places.

Driving in Colorado along a flat valley (7600ft, with 12-14,000 ft mountains surrounding), it looked as though I were about to drive off the face of the earth.  The road, in the distance, seemed to come to an abrupt end, and that cruising at 70mph, I would soon enough be hurled into the blank space between the end of the road and those distant mountains.  Luckily, as I am learning more and more deeply, what I perceive and what I think based on those perceptions are rarely the basis of reality.

The blank space turns into a present moment solidness opening beyond and within the abyss.  Moving into increasing innocence, freedom, and a space free of expectations, I am finding more and deeper connections and ways of supporting people on the journey, and receiving that support in ways that speak of miracles.

Magic and mystery.

The sticky note a friend just applied to my computer screen...thank you Universe for the support and the cheering section!

I sit poised to embark on the next phase—to join the community at the Lama Foundation, San Cristobal NM (about 25 mi north of Taos, for anywhere from 2 weeks to the next year.  Part of what drew me here was an invitation to explore an idea I’ve long had to intentionally create a way to be a “Healer or Teacher in Residence” in various established (both Intentional communities like Lama, less intentional yet still cohesive communities like I encountered on the Amma tour, and the local grass-roots communities of home and hearth).  Another, is to listen in to the deep, transformative, tender place of evolution that is unfolding within.  I am ever seeking the balance of the inward journey and the outward service, and now starting to see the tangible results that these two are not mutually exclusive—very much like the road disappearing into the horizon the deeper the inner offering the more the outer offering, and very much vice versa.

So, I’ll be landed at Lama for the next bit—two weeks to check things out with the option to extend my time there through the fall or apply to be a yearlong Resident—all dependent on the discernment both on my part and on the part of the community so that the time together is mutual, supportive, and joyous, and a continued heartfelt listening to the unfolding journey.

This also means I have a snail mail address for at least the next two weeks, in a place where visitors are welcome!  Other communication will be more limited; I am simultaneously looking forward to staying connected, and to entering into a quiet phase free from the buzz of computer and phone.

Please send me snail mail!  I would love to write back.

Sarah “Sulis” Cutler

c/o Lama Foundation

P.O. Box 240

San Cristobal, NM 87564


Another DELIGHTFUL option:  Come visit.  Call Lama Central to arrange details.  Day visiting is (I believe) free, though overnight has a small fee.  Anyone coming from Santa Fe, let me know; there are friends there who would like to visit and need a ride.  Not knowing of the next unfolding, I don’t know if/when I will venture down Santa Fe, nor return East.  Life is  moving very quickly and I am living in Mystery.

For all your prayers, your sharings, and the magic of your unfolding journeys,  many thanks and blessings,