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Once again, I’m pre-publishing my reflections on the newest offerings at Laughing Tree Space.  I’d love your feed back (both in terms of the offering and in terms of the wording) before I make it a full fledged page on my web site.

Introducing: Ceremony!  Rites of Passage!  Celebrations and transformative journeys.  Sacred visioning.  Spiritual council.

Personal Ceremony and Rites of Passage at Laughing Tree Space:

While bodywork is an excellent way to anchor new patterns of ease, health, and awareness in the body; ceremonies and rites of passage help celebrate transitions and anchor new patterns in your life and awareness.

Ceremony is a great way of letting the left brain settle and the creative intuition of the right brain to come forward.   In holding ceremony, I utilizing a map of transformation based in the 5 elements and the 7 directions. This basic outline prepares you, the the person entering into ceremony, to reflect on the past, gather the resources of the present, and call in the vision of the future.  It is incredibly helpful in moments of great change and transition (birth, death, loss or start of job, change of careers, menarche, menopause, or any time a commitment to move forward in a new way is needed.)

IMG_0409 We start with an emailed questionnaire that allows me to feel the direction we might go.  A self directed person might choose simply to dialogue once and perform the ceremony with little follow through.  Ongoing support, with an initial consultation, a longer ceremony, and then debrief is recommended to give you a chance to sink into the mystery and follow the energy with a helpful guide supporting along the way.

In the shorter version, I plan the ceremony after receiving the intake and a short (<20 minute) interview.  The ceremony is designed to take approximately 60-90 minutes.  This is a good introduction or taste of where we can go via this sacred process.  Suggested offering is $108.ceremony space

The longer form (price to be determined depending on length and depth of ceremony and follow through) brings you, the seeker, into your own direct relationship to the elements and the qualities found in the medicine wheel (these being the the landmarks used to hold the metaphor and container of ceremony).  Through direct experience, this level of engagement supports you in ongoing work of transformation.  We co-create the ceremony together with much greater participation.

In addition, with the longer ceremony, I offer some piece of take home or follow through and a check in (within the month following the ceremony) via email or phone to support your reflection of what happened during/after the ceremony to help you integrate it into your life.

IMG_0411As with other offerings at Laughing Tree Space, Personal Ceremony and Rites of Passage are offered inside the Gift Economy.  This means the offering bowl is out with gladness and gratitude for the abundance we share with each other.  Suggested offering is $60-75/hr, including the pre-interview, the ceremony prep and the ceremony itself, and any follow through.

The longer ceremonies usually involve approximately 60-90 minutes pre planning, 2-3 hrs in ceremony, and 1 hour follow through. Support via email and/or text throughout the period of preparation is included in these prices.  This assists us to follow the thread of ceremony into daily life, through dreams and synchronicities, and helps ground the signs that often appear when we commit to entering into sacred space with the intention for clarity and transformation.

Tipi1While there is no doubt that ceremony done in person and in connection to the natural world is powerful, personal ceremony sessions can also happen remotely and over phone.  Sulis will travel for ceremony for individuals and communities as well; considering travel time and expense in your offering supports the work.

What people have said:

“Recognizing I was, and am, in a big life transition I felt the need for a ritual,  ceremony,  like a rite of passage,    and knew it would best be done with a witness, a coach, an ally.      Ah synchronicity is alive and well and I remembered Sulis is a master in this arena.      Upon my request I felt her engage and the ceremony began.    We met two days later and the magic played out in the sacred space,     a palpable deepening of my intentions with the universe witnessing and cheering us on.   I am in  great gratitude for her enthusiasm and wisdom as a healer and soul sister on this journey toward clarity and manifestation.” 

—Alexanna Hope, Santa Fe, NM