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It’s been a while.  The blog, it’s coming back.

If you sent me an e-mail any time between the end of July and the middle of August, you’d receive a reply:

Hello!  Thank you for your e-mail!  I’ll be out of the office July 25-August 11, 2009, and will return your message as I am able.

For much of this time, I was cooking for a retreat called Deep Listing at Rose Mountain, Las Vegas, NM.  We had a fantastic menu (if I do say so myself), acres of wilderness, and small solar panels to run our simple lights and pump the rain catch from storage tanks to the roof for gravity pressured running water.  No cell phone, no land line, and certainly no e-mail.  Cabin-tent (just like Scout Camp) and outhouse (with great reading material and an even better view).  Oh yes, Full Moon, Lammas, Eclipse, and retreatants drawn out to play with sound, silence, dreaming, creativity, and movement.

Dusk out back of the Cook-Cabbin, Rose Mountain

Dusk out back of the Cook-Cabbin, Rose Mountain

Mikva, the living waters

Mikva, the living waters

It was great.  And I got two extra nights on the mountain, which gave me the first proper Sabbath I’ve had in a very long time.  Gratitude is an understatement.  As a friend’s reply reminded me, my “away message” is somewhat deceiving; as it turns out, my office is a very large place called the Universe.

ps – (writes Cal) I love that you refer to yourself as being “out of the office” 😉  I guess I never think of you as being in the office, but I’m glad you’re getting out of it.  very, very out 😉

Really, these days, I’m always in the office, especially when I’m “very, very out”.  My trip started with deep partner work in the wild places outside Grants, NM.  With that energy still processing its way through my structure, I prepared to transition up to Rosemountain.  I love it when Spirit sends me to amazing places for assignments, and these day’s I’m recognizing how (be it inner, outer, or some combination,) there is always an assignment from Spirit to See and be Present to the moment.

My foot.  Las Vegas Wilderness.  Sabbath.

My foot. Las Vegas Wilderness. Sabbath.

So what do I do on assignment?  Tend carefully to a variety of special food needs, help nurse a participant through an acute attack of altitude sickness (we were up over 8,200ft; he is from the sea), wild-craft herbs for stimulating morning elixirs and soothing evening tisanes, and, yes, sharing a kitchen and cooking for 19, for starters.

Channa Masala, our last supper.

Channa Masala, our last supper.

I was quietly conversing after supper with a few retreatants, gently offering some healing work, when someone asked, “Is all of this part of your job description?” My pause time is shortening as learn to reply, “Yes, it’ is part of my Job Description from the Universe, though not necessarily part of what I was hired for here.”  “I like that,” she replied.  “It’s good to recognize your real work.”  Yes, yes it is.  And to do it unwaveringly wherever I am and see how I’m always paid well in the process.

When looked at in these terms, as a Spiritual Warrior, my employer (Spirit) is first rate, the benefits (what with the grand views and the witty repartee of the supportive minions) are good, job security is tight, and I’m seeing more of my (human and non-human) colleagues these days (hallelujah!). I’m recognizing that my role is to be wherever I am, which casts me something like a “Healer or Teacher in Residence” (which is not all that unlike “chief cook and bottle wash,” or “friendly garden gnome” but requires less particular costuming.)

Now that I’m recognizing my job description on a 4-D level (that is the level of the heart, soul, and spirit), it’s even starting to come through in 3-D.  (i.e. the kind of “jobs” that come to me in terms of money, look for me in the kitchen, at the conference table, or at your local yoga studio or community event; it may look like I’m cooking, taking notes, or folding blankets, and I am, while also listening, weaving, seeing, and touching.)

My job description is: “To be present and show up fully to the myriad of invitations presented by the unfolding universe.  Stay vigilant to opportunities for personal and collective transformation.  Take each encounter as an opportunity to expand freedom, grow, and in that way be of service.  Please, do not take yourself too seriously.”

Creation is about relationship.

Bright blessings on your journey.

“To bare our souls is all we ask, to give all we have to life and the beings surrounding us.  Here the nature spirits are intense and we appreciate them, make offerings to them…sealing our fate with each other, celebrating our love.”  –Alex Grey