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One of the many pieces to land while I was assisting at Kripalu was a mission statement.  Five years ago, shortly after arriving to volunteer at Kripalu, I created an “I AM” statement—a personal affirmation which arose from the ecstatic and meditative depths of my core.

“I am maker, holder, and transformer of space.”

My I AM statement is something that I have grown into, noticing it’s depths, releasing my identity from the words and yet feeling again and again their Truth and resonance for this being and her Earth-walk.  This “I AM” really seems to have given me the “how to” of my life’s work.  One might say I help contain and focus the process of transformation by holding space for the unfolding.  Now having articulated a mission, I’m starting to see more clearly what that Work might be.

Mission:  To support individuals and communities in cultivating an unwavering core of stillness, self-reflection, and compassion through depth sadhana (spiritual practice) at home and in the world.

I trust this to be an ongoing revelation, a constant refinement, a tweaking of words and a deepening of feeling and intention.

It feels powerful to make this statement, and by reaching this level of conscious clarity, I’m feeling things shift within and around me.  It confirms that my work and my preparation are my practice. My practice is my credentials, my support, my evolution, and my offering—to God, self, and the world.  This core of stillness and connection which I am ever deepening into (both in the formal practices on my yoga mat or meditation cushion, and the consequence living practice with every encounter in the world), is a clear and potent key for the kind of mass healing, evolution, awakening, and change that is needed (and is happening!) in the world at this time.

By clearing down to stillness, there arises an inner knowing and an inner connection (be that to Earth to Source to Self to Others).  When we are able to witness our instinctive, programmed, and learned behavior, we begin to make space for other more loving presence to arise.  It’s a constant process of clearing whereby we learn to be with ourselves unwavering, and thus can be with each other and the world unflinchingly.  This, in and of itself, is a bringing into Wholeness which is Healing.

“Meditation gives you what nothing else can; it introduces you to yourself”– Swami Rama

The more each individual, or each community, can come into that relational wholeness, the more an integrated socially just, environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling human presence[1] can arise on the planet.  Some of us, by inclination, might come into self-reflection and compassion by acting to create a “better” world.

My mission arises in the awareness that the world we are praying for is already at hand.  (Jesus said it in the Sermon on the Mount—“The Kingdom of God is within/among us.” ) The further we move into surrender to the Divine will and the power of Love from the place of stillness, reflection, and compassion, the more we are able be with the world (and ourselves) without the reactive, constrictive, destructive tendencies that cause so much hurt and harm.

We begin simultaneously holding the illusion (we are broken) with our real nature (nothing less than a perfect).  This is not to say there are not forces that could be called evil in the world—separation, loneliness, isolation, apathy, denial, fear—it is simply that when we can contact our inherent wholes we become capable of being love, connection, health and wholeness.  The world will turn towards that effortlessly and without striving.  It’s not that we don’t have time for our practice; we don’t have time not to practice.  The universe needs us, all of us, fully present, now.  The rest will follow…..

[1] This is the mission of the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium created by the Panchamama Alliance.  See related blog posts and and