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Name Your Own Price Special Extended.​ I’m loving this exploration of the Gift Economy, so why stop now?  I delight in empowering you, the beloved beings who entrust yourselves to care under my hands, to be generous and yet name your own value for the bodywork you receive.

So, Name-Your-Own-Price for all in office bodywork and gift certificates continues until 1 May, 2015

Its been an interesting experiment.  Some people read “Name your own price” and translate that to “by donation”.  I’m not asking for a donation.  At current market value, the bodywork I offer (75+ minute sessions, with years of experience in several modalities) is worth $75-90.  I’m asking you to look beyond market value, and pay what the session is worth to you, no expectations.

It’s so much fun to put my all into a session as a Gift to your highest growth and watch you receive it fully.  And, it rocks my world completely to sit back and let you weigh how valuable the session was to you, what you can afford in this moment, and then receive in turn whatever you hand me.

Really, what could be better?  Yes, some people have been able to offer me a only small token (plus their generous referral of my work and continued presence in my practice! Thank you!)  Others have sought me out days later and handed me another bill saying, “I really valued your work and I just wanted to give you a little bit more.”

I’m honored. I’m humbled.  I look forward to continuing and deepening the experiment.

I’m due to do some major blogging (ah, time!).  Until then here’s the first blog post I wrote on the Gift Economy.