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Full disclosure, I’m helping promote this workshop because I want to take it.  I love sharing resources and promoting fellow practitioners who offer amazing gifts to the world.  I am SO excited to welcome my friend and colleague Mali Jarvis back to Santa Fe.  She is an exquisite healer and masterful teacher specializing in Thai Massage and Chi-Nei-Tsang (abdominal massage work). A year ago, I did a series of belly-centered bodywork sessions that were profoundly healing for me and helped me find new balance both in my physical structure and in my own internal ground.  I’ve been talking with Mali since then about offering a training here in Santa Fe.  And it’s happening!  Register by April 15 to take advantage of the early bird special.


Intro to Abdominal Massage

More info and to register use this Facebook Invite.

This class is for LMT’s, and healthcare providers to gain confidence in including abdominal massage in their practice. You will learn internal organ anatomy, function, and differentiation. We will explore how to approach the most vulnerable part of the body with both confidence and sensitivity. And you will learn a 10 min sequence with oil that you can incorporate into any Full-Body Massage. A few of the many benefits of receiving abdominal massage: improves digestion and elimination, promotes detox and cleansing, helps to tone the belly, can help correct chronic issues like low back pain and headaches.

Saturday, May 16th 2-6pm $60

Day 1 focus on Breathwork, Meditations, Qi Gong,  Internal Organ Anatomy, and self-care abdominal massage. This module is open to anyone, not just LMT’s, and is a pre-requisite for day 2.

Sunday, May 17th 2-6pm $60

Day 2 focus is on approaching this vulnerable and sensitive area on someone else; The language of touch. Layers of the belly: skin detox, lymph, and navel unwinding. You will learn a 10 min sequence you can incorporate into any full body massage that is safe and therapeutic for just about anyone. We will also cover contraindications for bellywork.


Registered and Paid by April 15th $55 for 1 day, $100 for both days. Sign up with a friend for both days and $180 for 2.

Mali is an LMT and Holistic Health Coach who has been studying, practicing, and teaching eastern based forms of bodywork for the past 10 years. Her specific training and experience in abdominal massage has been through Qi Gong practice and Chi Nei Tsang although she very much teaches her own style and approach. She lives in Bend, OR.

See website for more about Mali –