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Thanks to Namjeev at for sharing her images

Thanks to Namjeev for her image

Lunar Imbolc, New Moon in Aquarius.  (From my newsletter)

Good morning, dear one.

I’ve been up since long before dawn, vibrating with the pulse of this new moon.  Can you feel the quickening underground, even though winter still has Her hold here? I love walking at this time of year, especially boldly barefoot, because there is always a moment sometime at the end of January or early February when I can feel everything that has been dormant for the winter come to life.

Where are you on the spectrum between Winter and Spring?

This dark moon is lunar Imbolc, anticipating the February 2nd feast of St. Bridget and Candlemas.  It’s the time when the seeds first stir underground; we can’t see them yet but if we pause, we can feel them. Its also the time when we can really tell the days are getting longer, and we celebrate the light that has been growing since the Winter Solstice.

What is growing in your life?  What is stirring in the soil of your heart and seeding your dreams?  What is wanting to be nurtured, cherished, loved, given birth?

Like many an expectant mother there is great anticipation and restlessness, and a great turning within.  Sometimes this time of year fills me with nostalgia or dread–am I ready for the bursting forth of spring?  Have I rested deep enough into Winter to know what I’m dreaming into being?  Do I have the quietude that turns to fortitude to nurture that which is birthing in me?

This morning has been a time of herbal craft and deep self care.  Of prayer, meditation, and reflection.  I have taken the last two days as moon lodge, letting the cycles of my body and the cycles of the moon draw me in more deeply to rest, to dream, to cherish the grace and wisdom that is part of being fully embodied, fully human.  I feel aligned with the seasons, and grateful for the growing sense of connection and beauty in both my personal inner life, and in my outer offerings at Laughing Tree Space.

All my love,


PS Special thanks to Namjeev for gracing this newsletter with her images!  You can see more (it was so hard to choose) here: