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My tent nestled in the "Faerie Woods" at Spring Hills Farm, Dalton PA

This was originally written to be in the local Friends (Quaker) newsletter.  As I have been full on living the dream and not writing, I’m posting this as an update, with more to come.

My dear Friends–I am embarking on the next phase of my adventure which I’m calling “Home Free”.  As of the 21st of May, I packed my worldly belongings in a mobile storage unit (aka my little red car).  I’m deepening into the Leading of Spirit, growing in love, faith, trust, adventure, humility, and simplicity.  When I originally returned to Northeastern PA from the southwest, I thought I was coming  to deepen my sadhana (the yogic term for spiritual practice), create a place/way to sleep more directly on the earth, and to start traveling, teaching, and sharing within communities.  I feel like this is a direct unfolding of that original vision; rather than waiting for my outdoor sleeping spot to manifest or staying in a living situation that I’ve outgrown, I’ve stepped out. My tent and I are sleeping on the land in between opportunities to land with friends, communities, and to respond to the invitation to connect, share, teach, learn.  The times between communions I am dedicating to stillness and listening.  I hope to be writing of this adventure on my blog,

This post-it is from a friend, inspired in his own journey by a conversation we shared.

Of other notes, I’ve recently made a NEPA TV debut as Mojo the Kitchen Magician–part of a project called Yoga Journeys bringing healthy living and yoga for kids to the airwaves.  You can find out more about this (or check out my episode–number 4–or other previews and DVDS) at

The ways in which you have supported held and supported me are too numerous to name.  For allowing the space to grow into who I am becoming, for calling me by whatever name I choose, for the challenge of growing more fully into the living Witness of Quaker Testimonies such as Peace and Simplicity, for the good hugs, kind words, and hospitality, thank you!  I look forward to the ways our paths continue to weave and inspire