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Even though I haven’t updated my website to say it, I’m officially putting my whole weight into making all my offerings within the Gift Economy on an ongoing basis.

One of the reasons I work on a gift economy (especially when in terms of ceremony/mentorship but also in my bodywork practice) is so that I can give freely and I can trust that my needs are taken care of (so far so good!)

It’s a pay it forward system. I get to be generous with my time with you because others have been generous with me.

The whole gift economy works only because the energy stays moving. You can of course keep the energy moving by offering $ back to me or referring clients to me, or offering some other exchange of your gifts and talents back to me.

Or you can receive it all now and pass it on to another person later.

Or take whatever gifts you gain from our interactions and apply that to your interactions with coworkers, whoever you serve as a volunteer, or to the people you live with. You can even keep the energy moving via your greater ease and care in interacting with the homeless person on the corner or the cashier at the store.

The radical notion is to receive the gift and give you own.

I know when it’s no longer a joy to give its not a gift anymore it’s an energy drain. That’s my clue to reflect and shift–if I can shift my attitude within the situation I stay if I can’t its usually a sign that there is a misalignment and its Time to respect my own boundaries. Resentment always shows up when I don’t respect my own energies and alignment.

I’ve noticed far less resentment and much more ease by feeling into what I can offer as a gift and being open to receive without expectation in return. And with greater ease there is more flow and abundance. Who’da thunk?

So receive. Give. Keep it flowing.