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(this post is being edited in time for the full moon in Taurus to reflect current updates and my perminant NM LMT #7746)

Happy Full Moon Everyone! 

I’m excited to announce that I have my license in hand and have successfully passed my massage board examination.  This means I’m ready to start seeing clients!

Given my background in deep subtle bodywork (Polarity and Cranial Sacral Therapy) and my on going exploration of embodied living (which comes through so amazingly in the Massage, just as it has with yoga and Ayurvedic Self Care and Nutrition over the last 7 years), I’m excited to start practicing to see what comes through.  This I know, each session will draw upon multiple modalities and will be tailored to the individual.  Yes, if you want a strict “Nurturing Theraputic Massage” or a pure “Polarity” session, we can do that.

And, if you are interested in deeper inner exploration, support in an ongoing process of awaking and fullest vitality, the sky is our limit.  Each session will last for up to 90 minutes, and include an intake, 60-75 minutes of bodywork, and a few minutes for integration/questions at the end.  Longer sessions including more specific work, including but not limited to Ayurvedic Self Care/Nutrition Consult, InspiriTea hand crafted Herbal Infusions, Yoga, and personal Ceremony, are also possible; call to discuss details.  Given that the more subtle the work the deeper it goes, it is possible that a session may include less hands on time, and more space for integration.  We work together to meet your unique needs each time.

As I keep methotically moving towards the structure to sustain a private practice and officially start a business, I will be working from home on a cash preferred basis.  I’m offering very special introductory rates for new clients (i.e. everyone!) of $35 for first time sessions in October.  My standard session rate for November will be $55, and by December I will be moving towards a rate that takes into account close to 2100 hours of combined Polarity, Massage, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Ayurvedic Self-Care and Nutrition, and Yoga study, of $75-$90 for a session (as defined above). You can also pre-pay for three sessions for $195.

It is vitally important to me that no one who feels called to the work is prohibited from coming due to finial reasons.  I have a small scholarship fund available to offer a sliding scale by request.  Over the next three months I will be exploring ideas to deepen this scholarship fund, and I will continue to honor trade/work exchange options and offer sliding scale/student rates.  I will also consider returning to a Dana/Donation based fee structure whereby you gift as you are called based on your own value for the session.

I will keep you posted!  Thank you all so much.  Please do spread the word.

Love and blessings,


New Mexico LMT#7746