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So, it’s been a while. 

And so I’m going to start with a story I just have to share, though first I will say, it’s been quite a lifetime in the last few weeks.  Anyone else agree?  I thought so.  This story may be enough to keep my heart open and in awe for a while.

I was pedaling my bicycle across one of the largest and least fun intersections in Santa Fe (St. Michael’s Drive and Cerrillos Road, from Osage–I’m trying to put in a google maps link, but that’s beyond me in this moment), when two library books fell out of the saddle bags.

I of course kept pedaling and as I pulled of into the island out of traffic, the man who sells newspapers there on the corner calls out, “Hold on!  I’ll get it!”

Now let me tell you, this is not a fun intersection.  And the folks who stand on the corners selling papers aren’t armed with anything more than their own humanity and a shiny green reflector vest, which I guess is more than I had.  Still, pretty amazing.  And, he waits very carefully (watching with me the amazing drama of two books in an unprotected intersection which somehow are not run over!), navigates the different traffic patterns, scoops up the books, hands them to me, and walks back to his post.

If I hadn’t just gotten a paper from the much more surly woman down the road or if I had room on my bike, I would have bought him out.

Is that amazing or what?