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Ranked second only to Samhain (Halloween) in my personal favorite days in the wheel of the year, I’m reflecting on this day that marks the growing light….I’m looking at InspiriTea, at the potential of returning to massage school, and at a new inner landscape that is birthing.  I’m wondering what is birthing in your lives.

Imbolc, (celebrated around February 2nd) is the day that marks the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  It comes during the time of year where winter is still strong (and kicking around,perhaps, for a another six weeks, depending on groundhogs and shadows and such) and yet the light is clearly growing.  It is the time when the seeds first stir underground; we can’t see them yet but we can feel them. 

I love walking at this time of year, especially boldly barefoot, because there is all ways a moment sometime at the end of January or early February I can feel the quickening.

It is this moment where the dark seeds of new year planted at Samhain (Halloween) begin to stir in the womb.  Its the lambing season, where out in the deep wild cold new life, perhaps conceived in that frenzy of Union that is Beltane (May Day), comes out all fuzzy and totters about on new legs.

What is growing in your life?  What is stirring in the soil of your life, your heart, your dreams?  What is wanting to be nurtured, cherished, loved, given birth?

Like many an expectant mother there is great anticipation and restlessness, and a great turning within.  Sometimes this time of year fills me with nostalgia or dread–am I ready for the bursting forth of spring?  Have I rested deep enough into Winter to know what I’m dreaming into being?  Do I have the quietude that turns to fortitude to nurture that which is birthing in me?

I woke early today to chant the Sun up and offer prayers of gratitude and blessedness. And I’m grateful still for early dark nights that call for turning in. I am envisioning little hearth fire celbrations all around, as in honor of Brigdet (Bride) who is the Patron of this day and who is keeper of the hearth, of poetry, and of smithy (and also of medicine and the arts). Look to your own fire.  Tend and care and prepare.  Write, draw, collage, and go out and walk the land. Let yourself discover what is planted, what is stirring, and what is giving birth within. 

This day also is Candlemas which marks the presentation of the holy child to the temple–the dedication of our life force in service to the Holy.  Now is when the year’s candles would be blessed and dedicated.  What are you dedicated to?

Thank you for all your love and dedication.  Thank you for tending light in the darkness and also going deep with in.  Thank you for your prayers.

In service and quiet joy,

your giggling priestess


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